One of the best marketing campaigns I’ve seen in a while

Workplace safety is an important topic but I have never seen a compelling workplace safety awareness marketing campaign… until now. SAFE Manitoba is the workplace safety organization in my province and although they have an important message to give, most of their campaigns have been… well… a little dull. The ones I’ve seen (and barely […]

5 marketing lessons from “The Walking Dead”

I love zombies. (Well, that’s not entire true, I guess. I love movies and TV shows about zombies. And I wrote a free ebook about how zombies can help us be more productive. But in a zombie apocalypse, I’d definitely be anti-zombie). AMC’s The Walking Dead is a great show about zombies and I confess […]

How zombies can help you stop procrastinating

Everyone procrastinates. We hate it. We want to be productive. We know that productivity leads to greater achievement. But we all procrastinate anyway, at least in some things. I’ve found a way to eliminate procrastination. It’s fun; it’s easy; and I end up getting lots of stuff done! So I’m sharing it here with you. […]