Aaron’s answers: How do I market my business online?

The Question: I was asked a great question through the private message boards on Guru.com. After briefly outlining his 3 new businesses, an entrepreneur asked: “I have never done much online but am interested in the effectiveness of blogging, press releases, etc.. If i am just beginning each of these businesses, what would you recommend […]

5 whitepaper report ideas to position you as an expert

Whitepapers and reports are a great way to demonstrate authoritativeness in your prospects’ minds. They help to position you as an expert and they also let you talk about yourself (within reason, of course) in a way that articles and other forms of marketing do not. Not sure what to write your next whitepaper or […]

Snapshot of my week: Oct. 26 – Oct. 30

I’ve finally moved my post-vacation mountain of work and am rolling up my sleeves on new projects. Have content due for my regular clients — a couple of small business blogs, a couple of online marketing blogs, a coach, a consultant, a tax attorney, an online bookkeeping system, a Forex fund, and a futures trading […]