My 5 favorite content channels

I’m frequently asked by clients where they should concentrate their efforts while marketing their business. They know that the right content in the right channels can make a significant and positive impact on their business but there are so many choices! Of course, every business is different but here are a few that I recommend […]

A step-by-step outline of content strategy development

I wanted to show my work and demonstrate the thought process that goes into content strategy. Here is simple content strategy “story” of one project I’m working on right now. This project is ultimately a list-building whitepaper project. The client wants to build their list of newsletter subscribers and they intend to do that by […]

What’s the purpose of blogs, Twitter, websites, etc?

I’ve been thinking about the purpose of content lately, believing that businesses that understand the purpose of their content can make sure they are reaching all potential audiences with the right content in the right places. The matrix below is an early-stage idea (read: it’s still evolving and you’re welcome to leave comments with your […]

Content solutions for selling insurance

Insurance is a tough sell. (I know, I used to sell it). Insurance salespeople have two major issues working against them: People usually underestimate their need for it until it’s too late There is little perceived differentiation between insurance offerings Since people don’t feel they need the product, and since the common person can’t tell […]

Aaron’s answers: How to network at a conference

The Question: I am a real estate investor and I’m going to a local event shortly where I will be networking with other real estate investors and looking for money to fund my deals. I’ve got an introductory card that I give out but it isn’t pulling in as much response as I’d like. What […]