The unofficial guide to using

When something new comes out and you want to tell your friends about it, how do you present it to them? Do you use the press release format to announce the newsworthy event? Do you use an informational article format to explain what it is? Probably not. You likely use stories. You tell your friends […]

How to improve your accountant marketing so more targeted prospects come through the door

Your website can potentially reach a massive global audience. But if you’re an accountant, you’re not so concerned about website visitor from the other side of the world. Rather, you’d prefer website visitors from the other side of the street! Your website needs to reach a local audience. In this video, I show accountants how […]

Turn your plateaus into springboards for a brighter business future

Last night I received a call from a friend of mine who is contemplating a move. He is an independent consultant affiliated with a national organization and he’s been offered an interesting opportunity with another organization. His current position offers a higher potential cash flow (although a big payday hasn’t happened yet) and the new […]