Writing “no copyright infringement intended” is NOT a workaround to legally post copyrighted content

I see it all the time and it drives me nuts. YouTube users upload movies, TV shows, music, and music videos that they didn’t create, and then in the description section below the video they write “no copyright infringement intended“. Here’s the bad news: you’re still infringing on copyright by posting someone else’s work. Simply […]

4 monetization models for video

In a post I wrote yesterday about the impending death of television and the rise of online video, I suggested that one of the overlooked reasons that we’re moving to online video is that the content is shorter. It fits into our day. Yes, the other arguments are valid (we can watch what we want, […]

We’re missing a piece of the conversation when talking about the death of television

TV is dying a slow and painful death… not unlike a TV death! (haha) I’m not saying that TV will disappear completely, nor will it vanish any time soon (a belief supported by an optimistic report from Forrester) but TV viewership is declining and will continue to decline because it is being replaced by other […]