Looking for private investors? Don’t make these mistakes!

Recently, I was approached by a company that was looking to drum up investors. Without giving away who the company is or what they do, I’ll briefly describe them in this way: They’re a non-publicly-traded B2B business with a 2-decade track record of success in an industry that is growing in demand. And they were […]

Crowdinvesting: The next step after crowdfunding

When small business owners needed money to start and grow a business, they used to have three funding options: They could borrow against their own assets, could get a business loan or they could sell a portion of their business to family and friends. Then the web opened up new possibilities with crowdfunding — a […]

10 blog posts a private equity professional or venture capitalist should write

Blogging is a great way for private equity professional or venture capitalist to build search engine optimized traffic and connect with their target market. If you are a PE pro or a VC, here are 10 blog posts that you should write: Write about the specific niche of businesses you look at investing in. Make […]