5 success principles I’m adopting for 2012

Happy New Year! I’m a huge goal-setter — I love to list goals, break ’em down into smaller objectives, and rock them out each day and week and month and year. To help me aim for the right things and make better goals, I’ve listed 5 success principles that I want to apply to my […]

The 5 elements you’ll find in every successful sales funnel

Every sales funnel looks different: One company might sell services through a lengthy relationship-building effort; another company might sell a product as an impulse item at the cash register of a grocery store. However, all sales funnels share a few things in common. Below, I’ve listed five of the most important elements you’ll see in […]

Why your prospects aren’t buying from you

By their very nature, people don’t like change. Sure, life is a constant state of change — children turn into adults, they go away to college, they buy a house, they get a job, they meet someone, they have children, etc. Those are all big changes. But in general, people don’t like a lot of […]

The evangelist equation: How to get your customers to fill your sales funnel for you

My hammock gave out in the spring of 2010. Squirrels had ravaged it while preparing nests for the previous winter. I’ve been meaning to replace that hammock but last summer was busy and wet (not conducive to “hammocking”). So yesterday I went outside and realized that the weather was perfect but I remained hammockless. I […]