3 tips every business should know about copywriting

Most online businesses understand the importance of strong copywriting: They know that strong copy grabs the fleeting attention of prospects and then slowly builds credibility and desire and urgency until the prospect desperately wants to hand over their money to the business in exchange for the value promised. Businesses know that. Unfortunately, we don’t see […]

A primer on value: How to sell more by understanding these two types of value

Businesses talk about value a lot. But what does it mean and how can you use it to sell your products and services more successfully? VALUE: MORE THAN JUST DOLLARS When I say “value”, the first thing that might spring to mind is dollars and sense – such as how much money a prospect is […]

Small business strategy question: How are you adding value?

In a previous blog post, I asked 100 small business strategy questions. From time to time, I’m taking one of those questions and exploring them in greater detail. In this blog post, I want to look at the question: How are you adding value? Most sales are made because the buyer perceives value from the […]

Why you should annoy your prospects to grow your sales funnel

Did you annoy your siblings when you were a kid? Maybe you poked them or you drew a line across the back seat and staked your claim on one side and forbid them to cross over or you stole something of theirs. And then they’d run off and tell mom and dad. And there were […]