Wacky Barber has a huge competitive advantage

Wow! The Wacky Barber is doing it right. He has a small barber shop in London… and how do you compete with other barbers when everyone has basically the same price and service? (Get a quick overview of the business here or check out their MySpace page). This guy’s got the answer. Several answers, in […]

Failed business strategy: Will the cat come back?

Most entrepreneurs are I know are fueled by their ideas and dreams. How many among us have lay awake at night with a great idea that seems to be the best thing since sliced bread? The later into the night it gets, the better the idea becomes! We get up, we map out the idea […]

7 strategies that entrepreneurs get wrong

I’ve worked with a lot of business owners. In that time I’ve seen a lot of the same mistakes being made again and again. This is a list of the most common… Same-as business plan. Business owners look at other successful businesses and clone their business model, hoping for the same riches that others have […]

Strap a rocketpack to your business with these 8 rules

Seth Godin encouraged us to push through The Dip. Jim Collins talked about using the “hedgehog concept” to create a breakthrough in Good to Great. Malcolm Gladwell called it “The Tipping Point“. It’s that moment when your business transforms from “just another business” into “THE business”.  It’s the moment when your company straps on a […]