Why ‘Good Fast Cheap, Pick 2′ might be wrong (and how to fix it so you can sell more)

“Good Fast Cheap. Pick two” is a well-known and much-quoted maxim. It succinctly communicates the value you can provide to customers, as well as the relationship between what your customer wants and what they are willing to give up to get it. But I don’t think it’s entirely correct. Certainly, it’s easy to remember but […]

How newspapers can survive in the age of free content

Way back in the day, I used to report the news in a daily newspaper. I learned a lot but moved into other forms of writing when I felt more like an ambulance chaser than a journalist. That was before the web. Today, it’s interesting to watch the newspaper industry on life support trying to […]

40 ways to optimize your sales funnel to get more sales faster

There are 3 ways that your sales funnel can be better – by getting more people to buy, by getting people to spend more money, and by getting people to move through your funnel faster. In this blog post, I’m going to give you 40 practical ways to make your sales funnel achieve all three […]

Just read: ‘Emerging Revenue Models’ (of media outlets) at The Media Consortium

Media outlets are struggling. Subscriber-bases to printed papers are eroding and there’s confusion about how to publish and what people should pay for. This excellent article explores 3 emerging revenue models for media outlets. The Media Consortium » Emerging Revenue Models.

A tip to remember when pricing your products or services

Pricing your products or services is not easy. When I was first starting out I faced the challenge that many freelancers do — sometimes pricing my offering too low and losing money; and other times pricing my offering too high and losing the opportunity. Through ongoing trial (and error) you find the sweet spot and […]