7 ways I use Twitter (and 1 way I don’t)

People ask me all the time why I’m on Twitter. “What’s the purpose of Twitter?” they want to know. Naysayers wonder why I’m on Twitter. Skeptics can’t figure it out. And sometimes clients ask me to help them get new clients from Twitter. There’s a lot of confusion around Twitter and there are many ways […]

How real estate professionals can use Storify.com to sell more homes

Storify.com is a social media tool that enables users to pull together snippets of social media from several sources (Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, and more). Users bring different social media together into one “Story” that can be published and shared. This provides yet another point of differentiation for real estate professionals who want to establish […]

What should real estate professionals tweet about?

For years, real estate professionals have struggled with finding ways to connect with potential and previous clients to remain at the top of their minds for when those people want to buy or sell again. Calendars, fridge magnets, and the occasional mass mailing were the only way… … Until social media came along. Social media […]

Your social presence map: How to define what to share and what not to share on the social web

The web is so social. It’s a great place to connect both personally and professionally. But not everything needs to be shared with everyone. I prefer to shape my interactions so they are relevant to the context of my relationships. Do you? For example I have a number of friends who don’t really know (or […]