Is your retail business leveraging this trend?

Retail businesses rely on customers coming into their stores and spending money. Getting more customers spending more money is the name of the game. With the exception of advertising, advertising, and more advertising, a lot of retail stores don’t do much else. (There are other options but they’re not always done well). However, a recent […]

How newspapers can survive in the age of free content

Way back in the day, I used to report the news in a daily newspaper. I learned a lot but moved into other forms of writing when I felt more like an ambulance chaser than a journalist. That was before the web. Today, it’s interesting to watch the newspaper industry on life support trying to […]

I’m not stalking Chris Brogan: An unauthorized look at Chris Brogan’s evolution

THE REST OF THE STORY Did you know that Tom Hanks earned $800 in his very first credited work as an actor? It was for the movie He Knows You’re Alone (1980). In Splash (1984) he earned $70,000. In Big (1988) he earned $2,000,000. In Forrest Gump (1994) he earned $70,000,000 after you factor in […]

The Leno Hole: Why it will cost NBC far more than they realize

Image via Wikipedia Leno/O’Brien. It has dominated the news for a couple weeks now and I confess that, even though I’m more of a Letterman-viewer myself (on the odd occasion when I watch TV), I’ve been drawn to the debate and have even tuned in to see Leno or O’Brien and to watch how they […]