When Was The Last Time You Updated Your Avatar?

You’ve identified your target market. You’ve narrowed it down to your perfect client. Then you created a word picture—an “avatar“—of them. Then, you built your sales funnel to serve this avatar. Your marketing, your sales, your product or service offers… they all work together to speak to this avatar and to solve this avatar’s problems. […]

We’re missing a piece of the conversation when talking about the death of television

TV is dying a slow and painful death… not unlike a TV death! (haha) I’m not saying that TV will disappear completely, nor will it vanish any time soon (a belief supported by an optimistic report from Forrester) but TV viewership is declining and will continue to decline because it is being replaced by other […]

Everything that can be metered should be metered

As with many other parts of North America, we’re in the middle of a heat wave. I love it because I’m usually very cold so this heat wave for me is probably what most people feel as a normal temperature. Not surprisingly, the heat wave created a surge in demand for electricity to run air […]

Why I’m okay with the Oxford English Dictionary adding LOL, OMG, IMHO, etc.

The Oxford English Dictionary recently announced that it is adding several words to its pages, including initialisms that we typically associate with email and texting: LOL, OMG, IMHO, TMI, BFF. (There are plenty of news stories about it but this one is a brief overview). The reception to this news — at least among my […]

How your sales funnel can predict the success (or failure) of your business

A sales funnel is a roadmap of the relationship you have with your contacts, and the journey the two of you take from Audience to Evangelist. But a sales funnel isn’t JUST a roadmap. It’s also a crystal ball that can predict the success or failure of your business. As your contacts move through each […]