7 fast ways to discover new business opportunities

Businesses are more likely to survive, grow, and succeed when they fill a need. But sometimes finding that need isn’t always easy. You might know conceptually what the general need is but really zeroing in on the actual, tangible, hand-over-their-cash need is much more difficult to do. Once you know and fully understand the need, […]

Achieve more effective marketing by going back in time

You work hard to create effective marketing that gets potential buyers excited about buying from you. But if you had a time machine, you could make your marketing even more effective. Here’s how: When a potential buyer shows up in a store or an office or a website, the business treats them as a blank […]

3 ways to turn sales funnel adversity into triumph (and make more money)

In every entrepreneur’s head is a well-oiled, highly profitable sales-machine of a business. But in real life, it’s a tricky, weed-filled garden of shifting priorities and juggled problems. (#mixedmetaphoralert) In this blog post, I want to write about 3 common problems that entrepreneurs face in their sales funnels and how to fix them. These aren’t […]

Develop lead profiles to optimize your sales funnel

When we think of our business’ sales funnel, it’s easy to think of one sales funnel. But if you were to take a closer look, you’d discover that you probably have several sales funnels… even if you only have one product or service. We’ll use my business as an example: I really only sell one […]

61 questions to strengthen your client relationships and build loyalty

Clients have a lot of choice when it comes to selecting a real estate or financial professional to meet their needs. And just because we serve a client once doesn’t mean they’ll come back to us when they need a similar service in the future. Client loyalty is scarce. One important way to create client […]