Just read: ‘Bobby Flay Interview: How a Famous Foodie Got His Start’ at Wall Street Journal

I don’t usually watch a lot of TV — too many other things vie for my attention. But I have one big weakness: The Food Network channel. My wife and I love to try new foods and cook and entertain, so it’s a channel we both love to watch.

Recently, we noticed that Bobby Flay appeared in 3 1-hour shows on the Food Network — his own show, a special tour-of-Ireland show, and as an Iron Chef in Iron Chef America. This guy has a huge share of air time on the Food Network!

This article in the Wall Street Journal caught my attention — it describes Bobby Flay’s rise to fame from being a high school dropout to running a massive cooking empire. It’s sort of a rags-to-riches story, which is always enjoyable to read about.

But take note: Flay started gaining some success in his mid-20’s but he started cooking at 17. His really significant success came around age 26. And right now his success is truly peaking and he’s 46. So this is a rags-to-riches story but it’s not an overnight success story.

Bobby Flay Interview: How a Famous Foodie Got His Start – WSJ.com.

After you’ve read this article, think about your own business aspirations and goals. What is going well and where are you struggling? How long have you been in business? Are you working hard toward that “someday” success or are you impatiently wondering why you haven’t struck gold yet? This is a huge struggle for entrepreneurs because they place a big bet on their business and they want a big, fast pay-off. When that doesn’t happen, they can become discouraged.

If you want to be truly successful as an entrepreneur, take note of the hard-working, persistent Bobby Flay, and be sure to read my blog post: The entrepreneur’s silver bullet.

Success story: 1600% increase in clients

A client contacted me some time ago to talk about helping them to generate more business. As usual, I spent some time analyzing their business model, their sales funnel, their offering, and their target market. Then, last month, we implemented some marketing systems. Until that point they were averaging 3.5 new customers per month to their professional services firm.

I just received their numbers for the first half of July — the “early stage” result of our effort. They are generating 1.9 new clients per day.

Yes, you read that correctly. From 3.5 clients per month to 1.9 clients per day. They acquired more customers in one week than they did during the last quarter. That is more than a 1600% increase in clients.

We didn’t add any new marketing channels (in fact, we removed some). We didn’t spend money on any new marketing collateral. All we did was:

  1. Map out their sales funnel and make sure that everything was working together.
  2. Revisit their current marketing tools to modify them slightly.
  3. Automate their marketing.