Act fast to grow your business

Entrepreneurs are busy people and sometimes they are so busy doing the tactical stuff that they miss the opportunity to do the strategic stuff. (Yeah, there are some business gurus who don’t like you doing the tactical stuff but it needs to get done and there aren’t always other people around to do it for […]

Small business strategy question: Where are your business blindspots?

Small business owners can sometimes get too close to their business — so close, in fact, that they struggle to do anything other than focus on the day-to-day operations and fail to work on the big picture strategy. (And many small business owners don’t know how to work on strategy because they are moonlighting or […]

Small business strategy question: What causes you to lose a sale?

This blog post is part of a series on 100 small business strategy questions that an entrepreneur can ask themselves to help them grow their business profitably. Click the link above for the master list of 100 questions and find the growing series of blog posts discussing each question. WHY IS A SALES LOST? When […]

Lessons from Buffett about success. (Not Warren Buffett… Jimmy Buffett).

I’m a Jimmy Buffett fan. The dude is a showman. He’s a brand. He knows what his message is and he is relentless about sharing it. He offers a glimpse into a life that many of us wish we could live 24/7. I’ve seen him a few times in concert and he always delivered. (Here’s […]

Small business strategy question: Who are your indirect competitors?

Businesses face stiff competition and entrepreneurs must bring to bear all of the tools and strategies and resources they possibly can in order to compete. One activity worth spending time on is to go through my list of 100 small business strategy questions to analyze what your business is like, where the opportunities are, and […]