I was skeptical about Radio Shack’s Super Bowl commercial. And then I watched it…

Radio Shack is pretty bland… and it has been for as long as I remember. I suppose there could have been a time when their business model was cutting-edge-meets-convenience: They could have been the go-to place for consumer technology with convenient locations in the mall. But if that was the case, it was decades ago… […]

Why you should think twice before starting a business

“I’ve got a great idea for a book,” someone told me recently… and then went on to recount what is possibly the worst idea I’ve ever heard for a book. I wished them good luck and declined the “opportunity” to work on the book with them. I hear this fairly commonly: “I have a great […]

11 ways to build credibility for your business

Prospects are more likely going to turn into customers when they feel that they will be buying from a company that is credible. The more credible you are — the more trust and authority that prospects ascribe to you — the more likely you are going to win their hard-earned dollars when they are ready […]

The power of free: Why you should give stuff away for free in your business

Free has always been a useful way to get more business. Thanks to the web, free is even more important today. I love “free” because it is so powerful and valuable and I really believe that all businesses should adopt some kind of free incentive in their business. Check out some of my thoughts about […]

Small business strategy question: If you had to get rid of 90 percent of your customers, which 10 percent would you keep?

Entrepreneurs use my 100 Small Business Strategy Questions as a way to regularly review their businesses and identify opportunities to grow. From this list of 100 questions, I occasionally take a question and blog about it in greater detail. The Small Business Strategy Question I’m looking at today is: If you had to get rid […]