How to easily discover the best price for your product or service

Creating a product or service and marketing it is the fun part. The real challenge is pricing that product or service. There are so many options and it can be easy to let this part slow you down completely; and yet you know that pricing your product or service incorrectly could result in no sales, […]

How to close more sales easily and effectively (even if you hate selling)

A big part of owning a business is selling. You need to sell your products or services to make money. But selling isn’t easy. When you pitch your products or services, you’ll go through the various stages of the sales process and then you’ll come to the close. This is where you ask for the […]

Just read: ‘Six Sigma and Design Thinking’ at

This is a great article about business innovation being applied from a different perspective. The article’s writer calls it “design thinking”. The examples are great! Prototype – Six Sigma and Design Thinking – How 2 Methods Should Mix –