Checklists and flowcharts: Build the tools you need for your business

Running your financial or real estate business is complicated enough. So any opportunity to simplify is great. (Here’s a recent blog post about simplifying your selling process!) Here are two ways to make it even simpler: Build your own tools by creating checklists and creating flowcharts. Yes, it seems almost too simple, right? After all, […]

The Business Palette: Quickly and easily develop a viable business model with this strategy tool

Successful businesses started with an idea. Somewhere between the idea and today’s success, an entrepreneur worked through the idea to create a business model, a brand, a sales funnel, a business plan… and then they implemented those things. There are many people who want want to start a business but can’t seem to get their […]

How to be a lazy serial entrepreneur (Part 1)

Starting businesses is fun. Growing them is also fun but it’s hard work too, especially if you want to grow them profitably. One client of mine, who is a serial entrepreneur, has a handful of businesses in various stages of start-up and operation. But they were running out of time and money, worn ragged by […]

Faster, easier innovation that won’t piss off your customers

When I say “innovation”, what do you think of? Chances are, you think of innovation in your products and services; you may think of blue widgets instead of the normal red ones, or you might think of a way to deliver faster, cheaper service. In the early days of the automobile, other manufacturers provided cars […]

How to close more sales easily and effectively (even if you hate selling)

A big part of owning a business is selling. You need to sell your products or services to make money. But selling isn’t easy. When you pitch your products or services, you’ll go through the various stages of the sales process and then you’ll come to the close. This is where you ask for the […]