Just read: ‘Why is a bag of weed always $10, man?’ at FT.com

I love the Undercover Economist. I have his book, I read him at Financial Times. He makes economics accessible to everyone. In this article, someone asks Tim Harford about why a bag of weed is always $10. You can read the question here… Dear Economist: Why is a bag of weed always $10 man? | […]

Just read: ‘Success Can Make You Stupid’ at FastCompany

If you were awesome once, you can’t help but be awesome again, right? Dan and Chip Heath (of Made to Stick) say no. In this interesting article, Success Can Make You Stupid, the Heath boys show how many of Hollywood’s movie successes are self-fulfilling prophecies — based on established links of trust between directors, producers, […]

The banking industry’s best kept secret

Image by gwydionwilliams via Flickr If you can overlook the retina-burning red of their website, and if you can get past their awkward stock symbol (STD), you’ll be surprised to discover Global Santander as an impressive organization and the banking industry’s best kept secret. Santander is the largest bank in the world in terms of […]

Client Spotlight: BlackHorse Fund

In the world of investing, equities pale in comparison to the much larger foreign exchange market. The nature of the market can be riskier and far more rewarding than what most investors are used to. Forex fund BlackHorse is a private fund that pools investors’ money to trade currencies. BlackHorse Fund contracted me on a […]