7 tips for starting a monetized blog

A friend of mine wants to start blogging — specifically to become an affiliate marketer — and he asked for some tips to successful (monetized) blogging. I started writing an email to him and then realized that I answer this question for people quite frequently so I’m posting the answer here and I’ll link to […]

3 kinds of entrepreneurs: Which one are you?

Throughout history, humankind has followed the same cycle again and again: Explorers discover a place, settlers follow, and builders develop that location. People live there for a long time. The the place becomes built up, even to the point of becoming in-grown. Land becomes a premium. Organization and structure reign (and can even oppress). Then, […]

Just read: ‘Building Cool Things’ by Scott H. Young

I work with a lot of entrepreneurs who are trying to start something completely from scratch. Sometimes they’re tempted by the project because they want the income; sometimes they’re tempted by the project because they want to quit their job; sometimes they’re tempted by the project because they want to create a future for themselves. […]

The innovation gap between small businesses and big businesses

In a Harvard Business Review blog post, Ron Ashkenas asked the question “Can a Big Company Innovate Like a Start-up?”. At the time the post was written (a month ago), Google’s Eric Schmidt was stepping down as CEO and Google’s co-founder Larry Page was taking the role instead. Based on the official statements that followed, […]

How to price a product or service

As entrepreneurs start up their businesses, they quickly learn one of the most challenging aspects of business ownership: How to price a product or service so that it is attractive to customers but still profitable for the business. Pricing is like a tug-of-war: All customers want to pay as little as possible for a product […]