The innovation gap between small businesses and big businesses

In a Harvard Business Review blog post, Ron Ashkenas asked the question “Can a Big Company Innovate Like a Start-up?”. At the time the post was written (a month ago), Google’s Eric Schmidt was stepping down as CEO and Google’s co-founder Larry Page was taking the role instead. Based on the official statements that followed, […]

How to be a lazy serial entrepreneur (Part 1)

Starting businesses is fun. Growing them is also fun but it’s hard work too, especially if you want to grow them profitably. One client of mine, who is a serial entrepreneur, has a handful of businesses in various stages of start-up and operation. But they were running out of time and money, worn ragged by […]

Turn your plateaus into springboards for a brighter business future

Last night I received a call from a friend of mine who is contemplating a move. He is an independent consultant affiliated with a national organization and he’s been offered an interesting opportunity with another organization. His current position offers a higher potential cash flow (although a big payday hasn’t happened yet) and the new […]

The law of success: What you need to know to grow your new business

This past weekend, someone asked me why they hadn’t had any success in their business. Together, we looked at what they were offering and how they had marketed their company. Their offering was good but they had tried (and failed) to sell a grand total of… 4 times. I told them they needed to try […]

The characteristics of successful entrepreneurs

It drives me crazy every time I meet an entrepreneur with get rich quick dreams. Listen up: It doesn’t happen often. Business success is built on hard work and elbow grease. I’ve written about it before. I found a great article in Forbes that outlines exactly that: “How Self-Made Titans Launched Their Empires“. This great […]