Great ideas from this week: Collaborate, Quench, Earn

As you can probably tell from Monday’s blog post, this was a busy week. Actually, it was a record-setting week in a record-setting quarter. It killed me not to blog as much as I normally do but I had to focus on clients or else they’d gather in a mob with pitchforks and torches and […]

iStopOver has a brilliant value proposition

I was doing some writing for an angel investing/venture capital site and my research took me to the blog of Rick Segal (of JLA Ventures). Good content there for investors and start-up founders! Anyway, one of the companies he mentioned in a recent blog was iStopOver. I read his little write-up about them then went […]

Angel investor article: Sarbanes-Oxley and start-ups

VentureHype is a blog for angel investors that I write for regularly. In my June 17th article, “What the @#$ is SOX?” I talk to angel investors about how they can prepare their start-up today for SOX compliance in the future.