The most important 10 minutes and 40 seconds you will spend learning about SEO for 2013

In the early days of my online writing career (before I started writing almost exclusively for financial and real estate professionals), I did a lot of SEO work. There was a ton of it out there. The work was fast, cheap, easy to write, and paid the bills early on in my career. But it […]

The unofficial guide to using

When something new comes out and you want to tell your friends about it, how do you present it to them? Do you use the press release format to announce the newsworthy event? Do you use an informational article format to explain what it is? Probably not. You likely use stories. You tell your friends […]

The 7 qualities that make SEOmoz’s content so darn bookmarkable

It’s hard to sift through the sheer volume of content that you and I are exposed to every day. I have more feeds filling up my Google Reader than I have time to read, I have more email newsletters filling up my inbox than I have time to read. And let’s not forget about tweets […]

3 steps for real estate professionals to dominate local search

It doesn’t make much sense for someone to type in the word “real estate professional” or “REALTOR” and find your website or blog in the search results. If they’re in Dustytown, Australia and you’re in Wausau, Wisconsin, there’s not much you can do to help them. So you need a plan to focus your search […]

An introduction to search engine optimization for real estate professionals (Part 1): What is search engine optimization?

When someone wants to find something on Google (or on some other search engine), they type a word or a phrase into the search engine and they get a list of websites that the search engine feels is relevant to that word or phrase. For example, I’ve searched “Orlando real estate agent” to get a […]