One step all sellers need to take before discussing pain points with prospects

In this post, as in most of my posts, I’m using the term “sellers” somewhat generically. When I say “seller” I mean anyone who markets or sells — whether you own an online business or an offline one, whether you’re a copywriter or a door-to-door fundraiser. One of the basics of “selling 101” is the […]

How to achieve success the easy way

In the financial and real estate industry, there are no free passes. Success only comes to those who sweat it out day after day, month after month, through the peaks and valleys inherent in our profession. But there’s one aspect of your business that you don’t have to sweat out, yet so many professionals turn […]

When selling, “Yes” and “No” don’t always mean “Yes” and “No”

Early in my career as an investment representative, I had booked an appointment with someone who seemed quite eager to learn more about how I could help them with their portfolio, but when I showed up at their house, they weren’t as enthusiastic. They weren’t cold but they didn’t immediately hand over their cash to […]

How the ‘Good, Fast, Cheap’ concept can help real estate professionals build better relationships with clients

You’ve probably heard the well-known, often-quoted concept that all products or services possess two of the following three qualities: Good, Fast, Cheap. It means that every product or service you buy will be… Good and fast but not cheap Good and cheap but not fast, or, Fast and cheap but not good Every client who […]