7 Ways That Real Estate Agents Can Turn Sellers Into Life-Long Clients

In the work I do as a writer/consultant/strategist, I get to work with a lot of real estate agents to help them grow their businesses. And I just recently sold my house so I got another glimpse into the business from a slightly different angle. I think real estate agents are missing out some on […]

How to create more effective calls to action

Any interaction you have with a lead, a prospect, or a customer will likely have some kind of call to action or desired outcome attached to it. Those calls to action or desired outcomes are key to how well your business runs today and how successful it will be in the future. Here are some […]

One step all sellers need to take before discussing pain points with prospects

In this post, as in most of my posts, I’m using the term “sellers” somewhat generically. When I say “seller” I mean anyone who markets or sells — whether you own an online business or an offline one, whether you’re a copywriter or a door-to-door fundraiser. One of the basics of “selling 101” is the […]

How to benefit from prospects who DON’T become clients

Imagine tracing a line along the path that someone takes in becoming your client. You might think of it as your sales funnel but let’s just simplify it into a single line that is easy to trace. It starts with them having never heard of you before… It follows them along a path as they […]