The 5 elements you’ll find in every successful sales funnel

Every sales funnel looks different: One company might sell services through a lengthy relationship-building effort; another company might sell a product as an impulse item at the cash register of a grocery store. However, all sales funnels share a few things in common. Below, I’ve listed five of the most important elements you’ll see in […]

Why your prospects aren’t buying from you

By their very nature, people don’t like change. Sure, life is a constant state of change — children turn into adults, they go away to college, they buy a house, they get a job, they meet someone, they have children, etc. Those are all big changes. But in general, people don’t like a lot of […]

Just what is a lead? How to know if you can make money from this sales funnel contact

As contacts move through your sales funnel, you nurture a relationship with them. The engagement that comes from that relationship elicits more and more information to help you know whether or not this contact is likely to buy from you. As the relationship builds, the contact moves out of the Audience stage, where they were […]

How to destroy consumer complacency and get people moving through your sales funnel

As consumers, we all happily go about our merry little lives, until we realize we need or want something. Then we’ll consider buying it. But until then, everything is status quo. For businesses, status quo is a big problem. New start-ups build businesses and then wonder why people don’t buy — it’s probably because the […]

How to know what your customers want (when your customers don’t know what they want)

In one of my very first jobs, I worked at a gas station. Once I made a mistake at something, and although I can’t remember the mistake itself, I remember my boss asking me: “If you didn’t know how to do it, why didn’t you ask?” It was the most ridiculous question I’d ever heard […]