37 ways to improve your sales skills

I can help you get more web visitors and warm leads… but you need to take it from there and “close the deal” with awesome sales skills. Schedule time each and every day to hone your sales skills by performing one or more of these tips below. By the way, I’m just scratching the surface. […]

Little known marketing secret reveals how to get your phone ringing off the hook

While writing their marketing content, a request I commonly hear from financial and real estate professionals is to ramp up the “salesmanship” of their content so that they get more committed clients calling them on the telephone. They want their marketing content to sell their services so that more people go “wow! I want to […]

This surprising 2-minute exercise can significantly increase your ability to turn prospects into clients

It all started because I was being blindsided by sales. Before I started full-time freelance writing for financial and real estate businesses, I worked in financial sales. I’d get no sales for a while and then suddenly a flood of sales would come in. It was hard to predict the factors that led to my […]

How to succeed in selling with the ‘Chain of Agreement’

When your target market encounters a problem or challenge in their life, the potential buyer’s mindset is focused on the problem itself. As a salesperson, your job is to present a solution to that problem. Unfortunately, selling efforts fail even when prospects know they have a problem and they know you have a solution. In […]

Sales funnel terminology – Why I prefer the term ‘sales funnel’ to ‘marketing funnel’, ‘marketing pipeline’, ‘sales pipeline’, and ‘sales process’

There are a lot of terms for sales funnels. This brief post explains why I prefer the term sales funnel instead of the many other terms that people use to describe the relationship between a potential buyer and potential seller. When people search online to find information about the relationship between a potential buyer and […]