Improve your copywriting with Oren Klaff’s ‘Pitch Anything’

I’m in the middle of reading the book Pitch Anything by Oren Klaff. It’s a great book! Klaff has raised hundreds of millions of dollars in venture cap money during his career. Not surprisingly, he has honed his presentation skills into a science and in this book, he shares that science with his readers. As […]

The Scales of Purchase: The secret decision-making process that all potential buyers go through

Imagine a scenario where you are interacting with a potential buyer. It doesn’t matter if you sell face-to-face and you walk them through your showroom or if you sell over the phone or online or you are a real estate professional or financial advisor who sells your services in the comfort of their living room. […]

100 small business strategy questions

Many small businesses are fueled by passion. They start because an entrepreneur has an idea (or is sick of working for a boss), they grow because their ideas solve a problem and somehow that solution is communicated to the marketplace. Unfortunately, many small businesses fail… even ones that are seemingly successful and make profitable sales. […]

How real estate professionals can use the power of storytelling to sell more houses

Imagine this scenario: As a real estate professional, you’re walking a potential buyer through yet another home. You’re not sure how many homes you’ve seen with them. It seems like hundreds… or maybe thousands? You’re starting to wonder if they are even serious about buying a home at all (although you’re pretty sure that they […]

How to use personality analysis to improve the effectiveness of your marketing

As you develop content for your financial or real estate business, it can be easy to just write naturally in your own voice. That’s good because you come across as personable. However, you tend to attract people who are exactly like you (i.e. whose personality is similar to yours). If you want to improve your […]