Monthly Sales Funnel Check-up

When I was just starting out in sales management, I was completely blindsided by something that really hurt the financial health of my branch. My manager gave me a useful piece of advice that I have tried to adopt ever since, no matter what business I’ve been in. He said: “Know your business well enough […]

FAQ: I want to build a sales funnel. Where do I start?

Building a sales funnel is fun and easy. Yes, there’s some work involved but most entrepreneurs like working in their business (and working on your sales funnel isn’t as tedious as some of the other things you could be doing!). So the very first step depends on whether your business has sold something before or […]

Weekly Sales Funnel Challenge: Wrap-up

This week’s Weekly Sales Funnel Challenge was to use the big list of objections you created in the Sales Funnel Challenge from a week earlier and counter/refute/destroy them in at least 2 different ways. Then, you were figure out where they go in your sales funnel so you can pre-emptively eliminate those objections BEFORE they’re […]

4 deadly sales funnel sins that could completely ruin your business

A sales funnel is the most important part of your business because it’s the way you generate revenue; everything else in your company grows out of your sales funnel successes. Unfortunately, there are 4 deadly sales funnel sins that businesses commit, which dooms the business to almost certain failure. Are you committing any of these? […]

4 ways to insert yourself into your competitor’s sales funnel and steal their customers

Building a sales funnel can be a lot of work: You need marketing and sales collateral, you need to get out there and aggressively fill your sales funnel with contacts, and you need to continuously move those prospects along while you keep your sales funnel full. It can be exhausting! But one effective way to […]