Are you undermining your success with this real estate investor marketing mistake?

If you are a real estate investor, your business has one significant difference compared to other types of businesses. Unfortunately, many real estate investors don’t realize this and they market their real estate investing business just like any other business. But it’s a HUGE mistake that could undermine your success. In the video below, find […]

Make your financial advisor marketing more successful with sales funnel strategy

If you are a financial advisor, watch the video below to discover how to make your marketing more effective using sales funnel strategy. Once you’re done the video, click here for more information about sales funnel strategy.

Real estate marketing tip: How to know which marketing channels are right for you

Real estate professionals have a lot of marketing channels available for their use. But which ones are the right ones to use and why? In the video below, I briefly explain how to discover the marketing channels that can work in your business and what to do with them.

How to grow your business by replicating your sales funnel

In a previous blog post entitled There are only 3 ways to grow your business, I listed the 3 types of business-growth strategies that entrepreneurs can consider, and within each of those strategies I listed specific methods to follow through on that business growth strategy. The first business growth strategy is to replicate your sales […]

Aaron’s Answers: Sales forecasting with sales funnel metrics

I received this excellent sales funnel question from a blog reader a couple of weeks ago. I’m posting the question and answer (slightly edited) here because I think it’s a question and answer that every business owner can benefit from knowing. Thanks again for the question! The Question: How do you determine if you have […]