Is the ‘CSI effect’ hindering your success?

If you are a financial advisor or real estate professional, a condition very similar to “the CSI effect” could be hindering your success. WHAT IS THE CSI EFFECT? The CSI effect is a problem faced by the justice system when juries place too much faith in fingerprints and DNA evidence. It’s called “the CSI effect” […]

2 real estate investor sales funnels that I really like right now

I was talking to a prospective client late last week. He’s a real estate investor and he was asking me about different sales funnels that I thought were particularly effective for real estate investors. Here’s the answer I gave him: There are two sales funnels that I really like for real estate investors right now. […]

Little known marketing secret reveals how to get your phone ringing off the hook

While writing their marketing content, a request I commonly hear from financial and real estate professionals is to ramp up the “salesmanship” of their content so that they get more committed clients calling them on the telephone. They want their marketing content to sell their services so that more people go “wow! I want to […]

This surprising 2-minute exercise can significantly increase your ability to turn prospects into clients

It all started because I was being blindsided by sales. Before I started full-time freelance writing for financial and real estate businesses, I worked in financial sales. I’d get no sales for a while and then suddenly a flood of sales would come in. It was hard to predict the factors that led to my […]

Great news for real estate agents: Industry survey reveals 6 ways to get first-time homebuyers to buy from YOU

Twice a year, Trulia performs a survey to understand home ownership trends. The results from this year’s survey can help real estate professionals sell more homes. First, let’s look at an infographic of the survey results, then we’ll talk about what these survey results mean for real estate professionals who want to sell more homes […]