6 Types Of Benefits For Your Copywriting

One of the fundamentals of copywriting and sales is: “features tell; benefits sell.” (I’m pretty sure they cover this on the first day of all sales trainings everywhere!) And, while that statement is true, it simplifies the complexity of using benefits in your marketing. Newbies are forced to ask: “What exactly is a benefit? How […]

Small business strategy questions: What does your business do? And, What does your business sell?

Recently, I posted a list of 100 Small Business Strategy questions that every entrepreneur should ask themselves from time to time. The very first two questions of the list are… What does your business do? What does your business sell? Those questions are related yet different, and you need to answer them at the same […]

3 tips every business should know about copywriting

Most online businesses understand the importance of strong copywriting: They know that strong copy grabs the fleeting attention of prospects and then slowly builds credibility and desire and urgency until the prospect desperately wants to hand over their money to the business in exchange for the value promised. Businesses know that. Unfortunately, we don’t see […]

A primer on value: How to sell more by understanding these two types of value

Businesses talk about value a lot. But what does it mean and how can you use it to sell your products and services more successfully? VALUE: MORE THAN JUST DOLLARS When I say “value”, the first thing that might spring to mind is dollars and sense – such as how much money a prospect is […]

9 steps to identify the benefits of your product or service

Every marketing and sales expert everywhere advises that you use benefits to sell your product or service. After all, people buy stuff because it benefits them so businesses should outline what those benefits are. But throughout my work as a writer, copywriter, marketer, sales person, and entrepreneur, there have been many times when I’ve wanted […]