9 things that are awesome even though we usually think they suck

Warning: You’re not going to agree with me on some or all of these. That’s okay. That’s actually the first one! :) 1. DISAGREEMENT It seems like most people try to agree. They try to find common ground, achieve alignment, come together, whatever. And sometimes that’s helpful because when you work together with someone, you […]

Ideas about risk that we have totally wrong

I’ve been reading Aswath Damodaran’s book Strategic Risk Taking: A Framework for Risk Management. It’s a great read and I reluctantly had to put it aside while guests where here; I’ve just picked it up again and am continuing to devour it; I read some of the book and then reflect on how it impacts […]

Reaching toward the horizon: How business acquisition is a lot like Mars exploration

It’s funny when you read different things but they all seem to be connected in some way. That’s happening to me right now and this blog post is my attempt to put some of those ideas in order. I’m reading a book called Strategic Risk Taking (by Aswath Damodaran), which is a book about risk […]

The risk perceptions that keep people from buying your stuff (and what you can do about them)

I’m in the middle of reading a book I really like — Strategic Risk Taking: A Framework for Risk Management by Aswath Damodaran. Damodaran talks about how people perceive risk and the paradoxical way they act on risk as a result of those perceptions. What I mean is: People should be consistent in how they […]

The paradox of risk: Why most people want certainty but gamble anyway

Here are a couple of conundrums for you: #1: Would you rather… … have the certainty of $100? … take the gamble of a 1% chance of $0, 89% chance of $100, 10% chance of $500? #2: Would you rather… … take the gamble of 89% chance of $0 and 11% chance of $100? … […]