“Don’t buy from us today”

I’m on a bit of a health-kick so I stopped in at a health food store and wandered around the aisles. Wasn’t looking for anything specific but was just acquainting myself with the probiotic/organic/gluten-free melee of over-priced, ultra-hyped foods and snake oils. There were 3 clerks at the counter (and it was a tiny store […]

Just read: ‘A Leaner Macy’s Tries to Cater to Local Tastes’ at BusinessWeek

This article talks about how Macy’s is trying to make changes in response to economic conditions. It’s a good plan. What saddens me is that they waited until a recession to do it. They think it’s a response to the economy, but it’s actually a response to their more successful (read: agile, focused, local) competitors… […]