The Small Business Financial Health Scorecard

Your business might be making money, maybe even a lot of money… but that doesn’t mean it’s healthy. But keep reading because I’m sharing a Small Business Financial Health Scorecard that can instantly give you clarity to help you create a strong, profitable, money-making company that grows without stress. But let’s start with the bad […]

Forget profit… Just do the first deal

Entrepreneurs put a lot of pressure on themselves to start a profitable business. Although that is the ultimate goal, it can be a huge obstacle at the very beginning. And I’ve seen that obstacle actually PREVENT entrepreneurs from starting a business — they’re so focused on “how do I earn a profit on this deal?” […]

100 small business strategy questions

Many small businesses are fueled by passion. They start because an entrepreneur has an idea (or is sick of working for a boss), they grow because their ideas solve a problem and somehow that solution is communicated to the marketplace. Unfortunately, many small businesses fail… even ones that are seemingly successful and make profitable sales. […]