What gives? Lessons learned from running out of time

The past two weeks have been insane: One of my clients had a major publishing deadline My parents were visiting for a week My house was in disarray from kitchen remodelling and from an emergency bathroom replumb I had some commitments (I had agreed to months ago) at a place I volunteer at I was […]

How to defeat zombies (and be more productive)

I don’t usually write about productivity because there are lots of other people who do a good job of that already (like my friend Heather Villa). But recently I put together a fun little ebook that I hope you’ll find useful at addressing a serious problem we all face in our productivity. It’s called Stop […]

There and back again: Work and play for the past 4 days

A QUICK UPDATE ON WHERE I WAS My wife goes to a conference every year or two and I like to go with her to get a change of scenery. Last year, the conference was in Minneapolis and I sat in the hotel and worked and swam in the pool. This year, she was at […]

Countdown to the Olympics: How to be an Olympic-level entrepreneur #10

Image via Wikipedia In 10 days*, the 2010 Winter Olympic athletes will compete to be the best in the world. Entrepreneurs compete for a similar pinnacle of success every single day. This series of blogs will countdown to the Olympics with 31 ideas about what it takes to achieve gold in your business. To be […]