Accelerate business performance with higher average dollars per sale

In a previous blog post, I introduced you to Brad Sugar’s simple formula for accelerating business performance: Leads x Conversion Rate = Customers Customers x Average Dollar Sale x Number of Transactions = Revenue Revenue x Profit Margins = Profit Sugars says that if you improve all five areas that you can influence (leads, conversion […]

5 levels of online content monetization

So you’ve got content and you want to make money from it. But how? There are lots of monetization models floating around online and this is an attempt to corral them into a taxonomy. Online content monetization model #1 — Philanthropic: This is a fully free model. Content is written and given away absolutely free. […]

Prices and Pricing Strategies: How to price your offerings more effectively

Image by Clan UiBriain via Flickr 2009 BC: A buyer and a seller barter over the exchange of a few sheep for a couple jugs of olive oil. 9AD: A Roman citizen wanders through a market and exchanges newly minted coins of Caesar for a finely woven rug. 2009: AD: A buyer in one country […]

A tip to remember when pricing your products or services

Pricing your products or services is not easy. When I was first starting out I faced the challenge that many freelancers do — sometimes pricing my offering too low and losing money; and other times pricing my offering too high and losing the opportunity. Through ongoing trial (and error) you find the sweet spot and […]