Copywriting and sales ideas for when your prices are higher than your competitors’ prices

There is so much competition on the web that it becomes almost too easy for entrepreneurs to become the low cost provider. That choice seems like that fastest, easiest, and most logical way to gain marketshare. But it’s a scary path to take and it’s one that can be hard to come back from once […]

What border guards can teach you about answering your customers’ price questions

I like to travel and have traveled all over Canada, through the US, and through parts of Europe. As a result, I’ve encountered numerous border guards (and customs agents)… some were nice (and many were not so nice). Here’s the deal with border guards: They don’t really care about the answers to your questions. What […]

Price as a deciding factor in the sale: When it’s okay and when it’s not okay

Price will always be a deciding factor in every sale… to some degree. The reason is that buyers unconsciously have a price they are willing to pay to solve their problems or fulfill their needs. The more acute their problem or need, the more they are willing to spend. (Your job as a business owner […]

Levers you can use to charge more

One of the easiest ways to make more money is to charge more for your product or service. When I suggest this, I’m frequently met with a list of reasons why it’s not possible — “competition”, “economy”, “penniless prospects” and others. So let’s consider the flipside to that negativity… what are the reasons you could […]