How to give customers amazing value without being the low-price provider

As much as possible, you should avoid being the low-price provider. That’s a game that no one wins: The low-priced provider attracts bottom-feeding customers that have zero loyalty. (Check out what else I’ve written about price and pricing strategies). You should set your price at a point you can comfortably operate at and then build […]

Case study: Communicating through a sensitive topic

In business, it’s easy to communicate the fun stuff. “Great news! We’ve increased the your bandwidth!” or “Great news, that airplane seat actually costs less!” But there are times when you need to deliver bad news to a client… and that’s when clients call me. In the recent past, I’ve had 3 separate clients ask […]

Aaron Hoos’ weekly reading list: ‘SharkNado, sales, and motivation’ edition

I just realized that I missed last week’s “weekly reading list”. We had company over and their vehicle was broken into while we were sight-seeing, so that became our focus for the day: Unpacking their car, finding a repair place, keeping the kids out from underfoot while we solved those problems. I’m back with more […]

How to be the low-cost provider without charging the lowest price

I hear from businesses all the time about the challenge they face in competing against lower-cost competitors in the marketplace. It seems like businesses must choose to be either the low-cost version or the non-low-cost version. It doesn’t seem like there’s a middle ground… … But there is a middle ground. It is possible for […]