Can we just stop calling it a “home-based business” please?

I have a number of clients who I write for and most of those clients are distributed all around the world, which means that I can work for those clients from my nice comfy little home office. But one of my clients is a very big corporation and their head office is not far from […]

Vacation report: Ocean views and opportunities on Prince Edward Island

My wife and I recently took a quick little vacation to Prince Edward Island. Prince Edward Island (PEI) is Canada’s smallest province — it’s a 2,170 square mile island of just 140,000 people located on Canada’s east coast. If you’ve ever heard of Anne of Green Gables, that story is set on PEI. It’s also […]

Rules of the Scrappy Capitalist: Rule 1 – Become an expert at spotting opportunity

The old guard of capitalism is dying out. They have relied on their name or where they went to school or the “old boy’s network”. But the web is the great leveller and today’s success stories are people who don’t have the pedigree or daddy’s money. Scrappy capitalists are fierce fighters who succeed in business, […]