How to be a lazy serial entrepreneur (Part 1)

Starting businesses is fun. Growing them is also fun but it’s hard work too, especially if you want to grow them profitably. One client of mine, who is a serial entrepreneur, has a handful of businesses in various stages of start-up and operation. But they were running out of time and money, worn ragged by […]

How your sales funnel can predict the success (or failure) of your business

A sales funnel is a roadmap of the relationship you have with your contacts, and the journey the two of you take from Audience to Evangelist. But a sales funnel isn’t JUST a roadmap. It’s also a crystal ball that can predict the success or failure of your business. As your contacts move through each […]

3 critical behind-the-scenes documents that enhance your sales funnel

When you think of sales funnel content, you likely think of the content that is used as marketing and sales content in your sales funnel. For example, you might think of web articles or brochures or a sales page. But there are 3 documents that your contacts NEVER see, but which are absolutely critical for […]

Are your products and sales funnel taking up too much of your time?

I’m working with a client right now who is a budding serial entrepreneur. He’s a hard worker and currently has 4 small businesses built to a point where they are each earning an income at varying levels of profitability. He has ideas for several more businesses and is working with me on the sales funnel […]

Build your business around your sales funnel for greater success and profitability

I hurt my back this fall while playing sports. At first I thought I could just walk it off or ice it, but it persisted: I could barely walk, I could barely sit, and I slept with great discomfort. Fortunately, the doctor gave me some pretty serious meds which, along with some careful exercises, got […]