Aaron Hoos’ weekly reading list: ‘List building, content marketing, and objection handling’ edition

Here’s what I’m reading this week: 41 tips that put over 10,000 people on my email subscription list. If you’re looking to build a list of email subscribers (and you should be trying to do that!!!) then this is a good, comprehensive blog post of tips that you need. I heartily agree with almost all […]

How to write copy when you have seemingly insurmountable problems with your product

When I was a sales person, I felt like the products I was selling sometimes had insurmountable problems with them (usually related to the objections that most commonly killed the sale). Then when I became a sales manager, all of my sales people came to me with the same complaints I had when I was […]

Fixing sales funnel problems: Buyers aren’t buying fast enough

Long before they buy from you, you are investing time and energy into your leads and prospects to move them through your sales funnel. By the time they convert into customers, you have sunk resources (money/time/effort) into cultivating the relationship. So companies that struggle with insufficient income or profits might not be moving prospective customers […]

3 ways to turn sales funnel adversity into triumph (and make more money)

In every entrepreneur’s head is a well-oiled, highly profitable sales-machine of a business. But in real life, it’s a tricky, weed-filled garden of shifting priorities and juggled problems. (#mixedmetaphoralert) In this blog post, I want to write about 3 common problems that entrepreneurs face in their sales funnels and how to fix them. These aren’t […]

How to benefit from prospects who DON’T become clients

Imagine tracing a line along the path that someone takes in becoming your client. You might think of it as your sales funnel but let’s just simplify it into a single line that is easy to trace. It starts with them having never heard of you before… It follows them along a path as they […]