8 Ways to use #businesslunchclub to grow your business

Everything you enjoy about business lunches is now available on Twitter with Business Lunch Club. If you find yourself unable to have a real business lunch, simply tweet while you eat and add the hashtags #businesslunchclub, #bizlunchclub, or #blc. Here are some ideas to get the benefits of a business lunch from Business Lunch Club. […]

Let’s do lunch! #businesslunchclub

In the business world, lunch time is often a time when business relationships are solidified, sales are made, insight is shared, and new partnerships are born. Traditionally, this involved two or more business people meeting at a restaurant. However, today’s business world doesn’t always allow for that: Entrepreneurs halfway around the world from their colleagues […]

Virtual business meets real business

I’m not really a computer game kind of guy. I spend all day writing at my computer, so when it comes time to relax, I like to do other things that don’t involve me staring at my monitor. Although I tend to avoid the entire online gaming industry as a result, I have been increasingly […]

6 ways I’m creating opportunities from LinkedIn

I like the idea of LinkedIn. There are good “general” social networking sites but I like having a business-focused site where I can visit with the intention of doing business. For the past couple of years, LinkedIn has been part of my business plan but my participation has waxed and waned. Recently, I started looking […]