4 monetization models for video

In a post I wrote yesterday about the impending death of television and the rise of online video, I suggested that one of the overlooked reasons that we’re moving to online video is that the content is shorter. It fits into our day. Yes, the other arguments are valid (we can watch what we want, […]

Starting a business? Start with a service.

I’m going to get into trouble writing this post. I think people might comment (in this post or privately by email) who will chastise me for suggesting this. I can predict the emails now. But I’m here to tell you that they are wrong. Regardless of what the experts tell you, start a business that […]

Social media monetization: 6 business models for social networks

I was doing some research for a client’s article about social media and was following some leads on specific social networks that I wasn’t familiar with. Unfortunately, many of the leads were dead ends as one company after another turned out to have gone out of business. Many of them failed because they had a […]