5 things I hate about TV commercials (#2)

#2: Disclaimers Disclaimers are appearing in more and more commercials. At first, they were stuck onto the end of car commercials in tiny and utterly unreadable-sized print telling the viewer that their car was subject to various taxes and that various discounts could not be combined and that the dealer may sell for less. Fine. […]

5 things I hate about TV commercials (#3)

#3 Fake Urgency This post doesn’t come with a snappy little video.  It doesn’t need to. I won’t even be able to scratch the surface of this nonsense and you’ll be able to list many, many more instances of fake urgency that you’ve seen. Urgency in advertising is meant to encourage viewers to run to […]

5 things I hate about TV commercials (#4)

#4: Weak connections between the hook and the pitch This one is a little more specialized and can be easy to miss. But once you notice it, it will drive you crazy because it happens so frequently. Most TV commercials contain a hook, a pitch, and a close. The hook is the introductory sentence or […]

5 things I hate about TV commercials (#5)

#5: Fake Science If you’ve ever seen commercials for haircare or skincare products, dish detergent, medicine, or paper towels, you’ve seen this quasi-scientific demonstration. It works like this: While the narrator is describing the superior function of the product, you get to see a visual of the scenario but it is meant to look scientific. […]