Why ‘Good Fast Cheap, Pick 2′ might be wrong (and how to fix it so you can sell more)

“Good Fast Cheap. Pick two” is a well-known and much-quoted maxim. It succinctly communicates the value you can provide to customers, as well as the relationship between what your customer wants and what they are willing to give up to get it. But I don’t think it’s entirely correct. Certainly, it’s easy to remember but […]

Marketing strategy tips for creating and executing a marketing plan – Part 2

In yesterday’s blog post, I gave you some overall ideas about how your marketing plan can become a useful document and a critical asset in your business. Today, I want to give you a step-by-step method to create a marketing plan from scratch without breaking a sweat. DAY ONE: DRAW OUT YOUR SALES FUNNEL If […]

Marketing strategy tips for creating and executing a marketing plan – Part 1

A marketing plan is a critical asset for your business. A good marketing plan is a well-thought-through document that outlines how you’ll position your business to your marketplace. It shouldn’t be a document you write once and put on your shelf. It should be a living, breathing document that you use every day to guide […]

How to sell an ebook on the web

Selling ebooks can be lucrative, and it’s an easy business to start. Unfortunately, although people know that they need an ebook if they are going to sell one, the other parts of the equation aren’t as clear. What ELSE do they need? What should they do first? How do they make it all fit together? […]

Inexpensive differentiation to easily outdistance your competitors (while selling more)

Businesses look for opportunities to differentiate themselves from their competitors. In doing so, they hope to capture more marketshare of customers who see their point of differentiation as a must-have. Opportunities to differentiate are often found in technology, service, price, systems, or offering: A business might be a technical innovator, allowing them to deliver the […]