Testing: The one essential task that every successful entrepreneur performs (and every struggling entrepreneur ignores)

I’ve changed my blog theme for the 3rd time in 6 months (and possibly the 3,000,000th theme since joining WordPress). I don’t lose a wink of sleep over the changes I make. I’m less concerned about whether my blog theme looks consistent every day of the week. Rather, I’m more concerned with a far more […]

‘Business Meta-Map’ at MindMeister.com

I was browsing through MindMeister.com’s mindmaps recently and noticed that there were a lot of great maps (especially for small business owners) but there was little order to them. You sometimes really have to search for them! So I created a meta-map — a mindmap that links out to many maps and provides a sort […]

99 ways to optimize your sales funnel and grow your business

Grow a profitable business by focusing on the right things… and one of the most important things you can focus on is a well-defined, smooth-flowing sales funnel that takes in audience members and converts more and more of them into customers. Select one of these 99 ideas, work at it, reap the results, and come […]

How to get your Customers to talk about your business

Word-of-mouth referrals from happy Customers are the best and most profitable kind of marketing your business can have. When one of your Customers tells one of their peers about the positive experience they’ve had with your business, your Customer becomes an Evangelist by promoting your business on your behalf. Although you’ll always need to grow […]

Social media metrics in your sales funnel

I was in a conversation with another business owner recently about blogs. We were discussing traffic and the large volume of people he gets to his blog, then he asked me how many visitors I get. I don’t like playing this game of “how big is yours?”. By comparison, I get considerably less traffic than […]