HP places a big bet on its future competitiveness

HP recently hired former SAP CEO Leo Apotheker as their new CEO. Some people are calling it a foolish move. I think it’s smart. I think HP is making a big bet on a strategic move that could transform the company. THE BACKGROUND First, a little background, just to review some of the recent events […]

Knowledge centers: Why your growing business needs one and how to build it

Growing businesses face a variety of challenges, from scaling distribution to hiring and training competent staff. A knowledge center can help to minimize the pain that comes with growth. A knowledge center is an offline or online area in your business where you capture and store all of your best practices, procedures, processes, and more. […]

Business puberty

Life as a child is carefree. You play and run and eat candy… and everything seems right with the world. Then mom and/or dad have “the talk” and suddenly the world seems like a different place. It’s weirder and more complex. You notice things you didn’t notice before. You know things you wish you didn’t […]

Rethinking the consultant’s business strategy

I recently heard someone mention that a consultant’s job is to get fired. Although that sounds drastic, what they meant was that a consultant is hired to provide a service that, once delivered, should render the consultant redundant. For example, a company with an efficiency problem might hire an efficiency consultant who will get the […]