9 ways to avoid getting screwed in a business or real estate deal

I’ve had successful deals and not-so-successful ones. I’ve been screwed in deals: Non-payers, joint ventures who disappear, investments that don’t materialize. It’s insanely frustrating when it happens and every time it does happen, I get really angry — as much at myself for not seeing the warning signs as the person or company that screwed […]

The four questions every entrepreneur should ask before embarking on a new joint venture

I love joint ventures. They are a great way to combine the strengths and resources of two or more entrepreneurs to create a business or project that is meaningful and profitable and satisfying. (Want to read more about joint ventures? Check out what I look for in a joint venture and be sure to check […]

A guide to joint ventures for entrepreneurs

Joint ventures (JVs) are projects where two or more people/businesses collaborate to make them successful. They can really be anything — from co-authoring an ebook or co-hosting a seminar to starting a new website or business to collaborating on the development of an idea into a product… the list is endless, and only limited by […]

What I look for in a joint venture

I love joint ventures! I’m contacted pretty regularly with joint venture opportunities. There have been some nice successes and there have been some stellar failures… but I love working with like-minded entrepreneurs who want to share in the struggles and triumphs of a JV and I always keep my ear to the ground for new […]