Angel investor article: How to manage your angel group

Sometimes angel investors invest on their own, but there is safety in numbers. In my article published at invitation-only resource site Venture Hype on May 6th, I discuss the difference between member-led angel investor groups and professionally managed angel investor groups in an article entitled How to manage your angel group“.

Death and longevity of brands

Brands come and go. A couple years ago, people would have said “Twitter what?” But now it’s the latest in a long line of social media darlings. These two articles, from SeekingAlpha gives us an interesting perspective on 12 brands that are likely to survive and 12 brands that are likely to die. I say […]

Venture capital and private equity articles

This past summer and fall I had the privilege of working with members of the Canadian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association on the first issue of their magazine. Private Capital delivers news, opinion, and insight into the venture capital industry. Visit the magazine’s web page here and download the premier issue here (8.5 Mbs). […]